Pine Hills Floral Engagement | Christian + Sarah

The Greenhouse

Meet Sarah and Christian! Let me start off by saying that shooting this Pine Hills Floral Engagement was a first for me! If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE a fresh new plant.

I was in absolute HEAVEN during this engagement session! Not only was I behind a camera, photographing true love, but I was also surrounded by all the plants a girl can ask for!

bride and fiance smiling

This engagement session was an equal mixture of exploration, natural interactions, with a splash of The Office references lol When I know my client well, I am able to talk and shoot at the same time, which is saying a lot for someone who isn’t great at multitasking!

It makes for a smooth flowing session, as we transition from one pose and interaction to another. Everything about this Pine Hills Floral engagement session felt natural.

bride and fiance embrace in greenhouse
variety of plants in greenhouse

Christian and Sarah have been together for quite some time now. You can call them high school sweethearts, and let me just say that I have been around since the beginning of their relationship!

Basically, Sarah is my first cousin, and we’ve been told that we look alike. I ain’t mad about it! She is seriously beautiful, from the inside out. See for yourself!

smiling bride to be inside greenhouse
bride to be gives serious face

This precious couple is passionate about the younger generation. Sarah not only works for Casa, but they both serve at their church with the youth ministry! They strongly believe in loving on kids and sharing Jesus with them. This couple is truly an inspiration!

engaged couple stand in greenhouse laughing
wedding rings on top swiss cheese plant

They will be tying the knot at The Juliet Chapel in Dahlonega, GA, next month, and I am STOKED y’all!

Not only will I be able to add Georgia to my list of states that I’ve shot weddings in, but it will also be a fun getaway for my husband and I! We’ve been told that we have to visit Helen, GA, while up there, and I couldn’t be more excited to explore.

engaged couple hold each other amidst greenery
engaged couple hold hands in golden sunlight

These two were such a joy to photograph. They were down for any prompt I threw at them, including “slow-mo run towards me!” As you can see, it produced some of the best natural smiles!

bride and fiance run in slow motion
engaged couple laughing in greenhouse
bride to be runs in slow motion

I also got to see Christian’s silly side. We discussed his awesome thrift store finds, quoted a few more lines from The Office, and talked about how excited he was for the big day!

They are planning their wedding in the same amount of time that Matthew and I planned our wedding: four months! Hear me when I tell you this: IT CAN BE DONE.

groom to be poses for a silly photo
chilly bride wears fiance's jacket
groom to be poses by greenery
groom acts silly for engagement session

One thing I realized with this session is how stunning Sarah is on black and white. Her porcelain skin and gold rimmed glasses paired well with my Ilford black and white pack, and a splash of extra grain for that filmy look. You’ll see why it gives me all the heart eyes!

black and white image of engaged couple
bride to be enjoys the greenhouse
bride smiles softly
engaged couple pose for serious shot

PS. I also shot almost a full roll of Fuji film on my Contax 645! I started off shooting Portra, but wanted to dabble in Fuji as well. I’ll be sending those off for development, so for now, enjoy some more digital files!

engaged couple look opposite directions
greenhouse succulents
bride smiles as she sits on wooden stool

Sarah called Pine Hills Floral Designs to inquire about having her engagement photographs taken in the greenhouse. I knew immediately I would also snag a few shots of the greenery, because let’s be honest, there isn’t a lot of greenery around Mississippi at the moment!

The dead of the winter season gets me all sad, so I try to focus on the new growth coming as we move into spring, eventually!

groom to be embraces future wife
greenhouse plants in sunlight
engaged couple laugh at each other

Christian and Sarah were so easy going through the entire engagement session. Their movements were congenial as they breathed in sync with each other, holding their pose, long after the shot had already been taken. It was as if they didn’t want the moment to end-like everything around them had disappeared.

serious black and white portrait of couple

One of my favorite parts about this session was exploring the nursery! If I could live in a greenhouse, I probably would.

OKAY that’s extreme, but I would spend a significant amount of time in it if I had one. Ask my husband.

serious portrait of engaged couple in greenhouse
future bride explores plants in greenhouse
future bride laughs at fiance in greenhouse
engaged couple explore greenery
future bride hugs fiance in greenhouse
future bride holds favorite plant
future bride enjoying greenhouse experience
greenhouse prickly pear plants

As the sun moved further towards setting, we made our way outside to see what we could find! Peep the golden light shining on Sarah’s hair as they smooched!

fiance dips future wife at local nursery
engaged couple kiss in sunset
engaged couple stroll through nursery
engaged couple explore outdoor nursery
future bride and groom hold hands

Christian and Sarah, I hope your Pine Hills Floral engagement session was all that you dreamed it would be! I am ecstatic to be traveling to the “Peach state” next month to witness and document your intimate vow exchange. It’ll be unique and truly a dream come true. Cheers!

Venue: Pine Hills Floral

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