I am the daughter of a preacher, the wife of a firefighter, and the mother of two precious children. A few of my favorite things include a fresh new plant, college game days in the fall [HAIL STATE], and true crime podcasts. I live by the motto, "Less is more."

I went to college in Florida, where I took my first Photography class. I enjoyed learning a lot of the technicalities about the art of photography, but I fell even more in love with getting out there and being behind the camera!

Semi-sweet chocolate chips are WAY better than milk chocolate chips. It's what I use in everything-pancakes, cookies, banana bread, etc. Also, I will take a chocolate desert over a fruity one ANY day of the week.

Organizing things makes my heart happy! I'll turn on my Crime Junkie podcast and spend all day organizing my finger nail polish, filing cabinet, spice rack, shoe shelf, my kids' toys, you name it!

Hello THERE,


Here's a little more about me!

The Short version:

The long version:


Second Soprano

massive sweet tooth

12 indoor plants and counting!

Frank Sinatra
George Straight
Snoop Dogg
Post Malone

I will literally listen to anything but screamo --->

American Indian

Preacher's kid (rebel at heart lol)

Bachelor's Degree from SEU in Lakeland, FL.
C/O 2011

You're the one for me. Let's do this!

With faith and family being of utmost importance (see above!), there are a few things following that, that I also value: simplicity/minimalism, cleanliness, grace, and loyalty. I love working with clients who are passionate about their story, who like to try new things, and have a love of neutral colors (not required, though!)

Having planned a wedding myself, I know that along with the major moments, the tiniest detail is just as important. In addition to capturing the must-haves, I also want to photograph the handwritten letter, the delicate lace in the veil, and the details of the groom’s shoes.

I understand this is your one and only wedding, so everything deserves to be documented! Furthermore, it is also my goal to capture you un-posed. Melt into each other's arms, forget the world around you, and allow me document it.

If it sounds like we would make a great team, click here and get in touch! I'd love to hear from you :)


it is my goal to capture you un-posed.

melt into each other's arms, forget the world around you, and allow me to document it.

- jessie

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