I am the daughter of a preacher, the wife of a firefighter, and the mother of two precious children. I love a fresh new plant, college game days in the fall [HAIL STATE], true crime podcasts, and exploring things I know nothing about. I live by the motto, "Less is more."

I went to college in Florida, where I took my first Photography class. I enjoyed learning a lot of the technicalities about the art of photography, but I fell even more in love with getting out there and being behind the camera!

I primarily photograph weddings, but will certainly photograph other various portraits! I like to provide a unique wedding experience with a simple, easy-to-understand contract and invoice, a fun questionnaire to help me get to know you, a memorable wedding day, and a quick turnaround for images.

I do not like to refer to it as a process though. I call it our journey-leading up to, and beyond, the Big Day! I want to know all the meaningful details you have dreamed about for so long!

Hello THERE,


My name is jessica, but I go by Jessie.


With faith and family being of utmost importance (see above!), there are a few things following that, that I also value: simplicity/minimalism, cleanliness, grace, and loyalty. I love working with clients who are passionate about their story, who like to try new things, and have a love of neutral colors (not required, though!)

I'm sure you have heard that hiring a professional photographer is an investment. However, that is only half the story. I want to invest in you, as well!

Having planned a wedding myself, I know that along with the major moments, the tiniest detail is just as important. In addition to capturing the must-haves, I also want to photograph the handwritten letter, the delicate lace in the veil, and the details of the groom’s shoes.

I understand this is your one and only wedding, so everything deserves to be documented! Furthermore, it is also my goal to capture you un-posed. Melt into each other's arms, forget the world around you, and allow me document it.

If it sounds like we would make a great team, click here and get in touch! I'd love to hear from you :)


it is my goal to capture you un-posed.

melt into each other's arms, forget the world around you, and allow me document it.

- jessie

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