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> Featured in Gulf Coast Wedding Magazine and I Do Y'all Magazine.
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meet the team

Jessie Newton, founder and owner of Jessie Newton Photography, has been in the wedding business for almost a decade!

Having served more than 215+ clients, she has fine tuned her photography and editing techniques, as well as her ability to serve her clients in a meaningful way!

Hannah Fennell, of Hannah Stewart Photography, is a recent Gulf Coast bride herself! She and Jessie are childhood friends, and in 2016, they photographed Hannah's first wedding together! Their slightly sarcastic humor and ease of friendship always help calm nerves throughout the wedding planning process, as well as on the big day.

Hannah loves all things "grand millennial" style, blue and white details, rose cold brew coffee with oat milk, and anything weather related!

John Reyes, of Take Action, is the best videographer around. John created his first wedding video as a professional in 2015, and has been full time with his business since 2016. He began working along side Jessie and Hannah in 2019, where they seamlessly served their clients in the best way!

The way to John's heart is chips and salsa, traveling, bourbon, and cool weather! He completes this dream team in so many ways with his humor, talent, and easy-going personality!

Jessica Hamburg has been a friend of Jessie's since 2004. She got married in 2014 and is a stay at home mom to two awesome kids. She has a Communication degree from The University of Southern Mississippi, and has a knack for all things social media. As Jessie's right-hand-woman (and Maid of Honor, circa 2013!), no task is too small, since she has been known to dumpster-dive to find a lost wedding item (Jessie's garter came up missing an hour before the ceremony lol)

She loves Jesus, Taco Bell and quality time. Jessica has a big personality, but hopes to share her heart with everyone she meets.

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