Intimate Hattiesburg Wedding | Alex + Allison

Ready to imagine this intimate Hattiesburg wedding?

Picture this neighborhood: you are driving down a winding road, surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. Each neighbor has their yard freshly cut, flowers are blooming, dogs are being walked, and there’s a light breeze floating through the air. You pull up to a beautiful, brick home, situated perfectly on the lake. The water is slick as glass. Guests are arriving, and conversations are had around the pool.

Alex enters the scene, dressed in charcoal grey pants, a white button down with chestnut leather suspenders, paired with a floral-patterned skinny tie. He had not yet seen his Bride, as they chose to see each other traditionally down the aisle. The anticipation is apparent in his grin.

Allison, flowers in one hand, and the other locked in her father’s arm, appears at the top of the stairs, off the back porch. Alex is immediately overcome by emotion, and begins to weep. His brother, whom was standing next to him, comforts him, as his Bride makes her way closer. THIS was the moment I knew it was meant to be.

As Allison and her father made it down the stairs, around the pool, and down to the deck, she saw Alex’s reaction, and they locked eyes. At that moment, it was their world. We were just living in it. And the rest is history.

This ceremony was incredibly thoughtful, and full of meaning. These two had prayed for their perfect match, years prior to this day. They are beginning their marriage on a strong foundation of faith, and I have no doubt they will succeed.

PS. Her shoes came from an antique store, years ago, before Alex came into the picture. She found them, and told her mom, “I’m getting married in these shoes!”