Classic church wedding | Joshua + Amelia

When something comes naturally to you, it is effortless. Her graceful stride, the loose curls falling around her face, her cheek bones as she smiled softly, the gentle conversations had with loved ones-Amelia was a gem full of class. All of this, paired with Joshua’s charismatic personality, handsome wedding attire, and infectious smile, created a stunning duo for this classic church wedding.

The Proposal

Josh went for a run one day on campus at Ole Miss in Oxford, MS. He sat down on a bench in the grove and prayed to God, promising that he would be as patient as he could, waiting for his future spouse-whether that was one day, or ten years. To his surprise, he met Amelia the very next day. They knew almost immediately that they were meant to be. When it came time to propose, Josh took Amelia back to that same spot, and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. She said, “Yes!”

The Wedding

Fast forward to their wedding day, at Meadow Grove Baptist Church, in Brandon, MS. I have never in my life, seen a couple more excited to start a life together. They could not keep their eyes (or hands!) off each other! They smiled throughout the entire day, locking eyes, anticipating their future. June 29, 2019 was the beginning of a thrilling life together!

Being able to capture their gaze at one another was a privilege. There were many moments when it felt as if I wasn’t even there. The way they embraced each other was utterly captivating. The two had become one. How could it have been any other way?

In addition to the fitted wedding gown from BHLDN Wedding Dresses, and the Proteas, all the way from Africa, included in her florals, we indulged in some good ole chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A, paired with Josh’s favorite beverage, the Arnold Palmer. The wedding cake was divine, and a good time was had by all, including this Mississippi Wedding Photographer at this classic church wedding!

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