Step one:

Step two:

Step three:

Let's chat! I want to get to know you!

We can grab a cup of coffee or set up a Facetime call, create a mood board on Pinterest, where we can bounce ideas off of each other, and set a goal for what you want out of your portrait experience!

We can discuss outfit styles, materials, colors, vibes, all the things, to get it just right.

Let's get something on the calendar!

Whether you need unique senior portraits, fresh family photographs, or meaningful images to remember your 25th wedding anniversary by, LET'S.DO.IT.

We can schedule either a 30 minute session, or one hour. Regardless, beautiful pictures will be captured, to be passed down, generation after generation. You will not regret it. I promise.

Let's SHOOT!

After putting so much effort into creating your vision, it's time to create timeless images.

This is the fun part! We will obviously get a few standard poses, but for the majority of the session, I want to capture you unposed! This is where my "lifestyle" photography comes into play. I want to document the laughs, the tight hugs, and the natural interaction between you and your loved ones.

We will make a great team. Guaranteed.

The finale:

Once I have returned home from our session, I immediately transfer your images to an external hard-drive for safe keeping, while also keeping them on my memory card (can't be too careful!)

As I begin culling your images, I choose only the best of the best. I discard any images that are duplicates, and/or unflattering images, and begin editing just my favorites!

Once I have put the finishing touches on your unforgettable photographs, I begin uploading and designing your online gallery. This is the place where you will download them from, and order prints, if you'd like!

After the online gallery is complete, you will receive an email present... YAY! Click the link, enter your email, and enjoy.

Listen to me. I want your gallery to make you proud. Proud of your accomplishments, your loved ones, and YOU! These images represent so much. They deserve to be documented, printed, and hung on the wall. Trust me.

Ready to book, or have questions? Let's chat!

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the portrait experience

Mississippi Portrait Photographer

As a Mississippi portrait photographer, getting behind the camera for you is my dream. I LIVE for capturing moments of bliss, shared between you and your family, friends, or just you and I. This is why the Portrait Experience is a favorite of mine! Let me explain how it goes in a few easy steps: