House of the Jackson Pearl Wedding | Rick + Anna


I’d like to call this the “Jackson Pearl Wedding.” When Anna inquired about wedding photography, and told me she was getting married at a new venue in Mississippi, I was immediately intrigued. I instantly began searching the internet for anything I could find on The House of the Jackson Pearl, and was not disappointed!

Here’s a little background about my dog loving, enthusiastic couple: One chilly evening in November, Rick and Anna were visiting with family, celebrating Thanksgiving. While taking some group family pictures, Rick asked Anna’s mom if she would take a picture of the two of them. Mid shot, Rick gets down on one knee, in front of the entire family, and asks her to be his wife! She said “Yes,” and their wedding story begins…

Preparation venue: The Roost, Ocean Springs, MS

We began this warm summer day at The Roost in Ocean Springs, MS, in the Monarch Bridal suite. With a smaller bridal party, Anna was able to relax and enjoy some one on one time with her best friend, her bridesmaid, and her mom. The level of chill that afternoon was immeasurable. This is always a plus for any wedding vendor, myself included! 

front porch of the preparation venue with rocking chairs
The Roost in Ocean Springs featuring wedding bouquet
collage of wedding details including jewelry and invitation
detail image of wedding earrings
detail image of buffalo on groom's wedding ring
The Roost Ocean Springs sitting area with plants
front porch of The Roost Bridal suite

With champagne in hand, the girls finished getting ready, and we called the Mother of the Bride in to help Anna put on her wedding gown. This is always a special moment to me, as a mother. I imagine the day when I will help Emma put on her dress, knowing that that is what she will wear as she promises her future to her best friend. Getting teary eyed now… moving right along! 

Bride after putting on her wedding dress
mother of the bride buttoning the wedding dress

Our Groom, Rick, was waiting patiently just outside on the porch at The Roost. I strategically placed him facing away from the Monarch suite, and gave him a small pep talk. Rick’s body language exuded a thrill that I cannot describe in words. See the look on his face for yourself. After being together for seven years, Rick was ready to finally see his beautiful Bride. (Trust me, I asked him to make sure!) 

groom standing on porch waiting to see bride
groom's reaction to seeing bride first time
bride and groom hugging on porch
bride and groom at The Roost

Once they had their moment of shock/excitement/is-this-really-happening, we shot several portraits of the two of them, just enjoying each other’s company. They stood on the porch in the shade, with the breeze blowing over them, smiling at each other, and giggling about who-knows-what. My photographer soul was in HEAVEN. We grabbed some shots of just Rick, and then just Anna. The surrounding greenery, the white of her dress in contrast with her gorgeous lip color, and an overall warmth of the background made for absolutely breathtaking images. 

bride and groom portrait at The Roost
bride and groom snuggling close
Bride and Groom memorizing each other's face
bride and groom sitting in rocking chairs on porch
Groom sitting on front porch of The Roost
Portrait of the Groom's attire
close up image of Groom's tie
Bridal portrait holding wedding bouquet
smiling bride holding bouquet
bridal portraits showcasing wedding bouquet and oak trees
classic black and white of bride's wedding gown and flowers
up close shot of wedding dress beading and lace
bride admiring wedding bouquet at The Roost
outdoor Bridal portrait at The Roost Ocean Springs
portrait of bridesmaid and groomsman on porch
small bridal party portrait at The Roost

Following portraits, we made our way down the street to The House of the Jackson Pearl to hide Anna away in the Bridal suite. 

Ceremony and Reception venue: House of the Jackson Pearl

Chari, owner of The Jackson Pearl, has two venues: one in Ocean Springs, MS, and another in Temecula, CA. I knew the ceremony venue would have something different to offer than many other Mississippi venues. There is a touch of southern California in this quaint little venue, and I was extremely excited to shoot here for Rick and Anna! This Jackson Pearl wedding was eclectic meets southern charm; I am pretty sure I analyzed and documented every little detail, in the hopes that I could take you there with these images.

Rick and Anna are a wonderful mixture of kindness, fun, and adventure seeking, which I think matched the personality of The Jackson Pearl quite nicely. Their navy and mustard wedding colors complimented the deep, rich cyan of the Jackson Pearl. It created a romantic, moody vibe that I loved!

Anna’s anticipation grew as she peeked out of the window at guests arriving! I snagged some detail shots of the cake, décor, and overall charm of The Jackson Pearl wedding, while she enjoyed her last few moments before the ceremony.

bride in suite awaiting the arrival of her guests
House of the Jackson Pearl front entrance with ferns

The House of the Jackson Pearl is extremely charming… Check it out.

indoor sitting area of mix matched chairs
Large bouquet at sign in table underneath crystal chandelier
row of tables with floral centerpieces for ceremony
crystal changelier above retro curtain backdrop
rows of chairs for wedding guests at The Jackson Pearl

Can I just add a side note really quick? Chari, owner and creative director, was AS excited as we were! She was running around with her cell phone, documenting the festivities, and smiling literally from one ear to the other. Her enthusiasm was a sure sign of a fantastic wedding host. 

unique bridal suite decor at The Jackson Pearl

Anna came down the aisle with her daddy, all smiles, ready to vow her future to a wonderful man. Rick, waiting on his sweet Bride, stood confidently at the altar, prepared to love and serve Anna, till death do they part.   

Father of Bride walking daughter down the aisle
Father giving daughter away at The Jackson Pearl
Bride and Groom standing with officiant at ceremony
Bride and Groom saying vows to each other

If you could measure how much a couple is loved by counting how many guests packed inside The Jackson Pearl, it would be infinite. The impact that Rick and Anna had on all of these sweet humans was evident, and they proved that by being a part of such a precious occasion for our Bride and Groom. It just about ended up being standing room only.

They had a handful of guests participate in giving speeches and prayers during the ceremony, which made this wedding that much more meaningful. They said their “I do’s”, kissed, and just about skipped back down the aisle, ready to take on the world together!

friend giving speech during wedding ceremony
friend giving speech during ceremony
wedding ceremony at The House of the Jackson Pearl
sharing vows at wedding ceremony at Jackson Pearl
Bride and Groom kissing at ceremony at Jackson Pearl
Husband and wife exit the ceremony high-fiving guests
ecstatic newlyweds walking down the aisle

Following the ceremony, we ran outside to grab some shots in the last moments of golden hour. This antique Chevy Caprice was a plus 😉

bride standing by Chevrolet Caprice at The Jackson Pearl
newlyweds standing by The House of the Jackson Pearl
black and white bride and groom by chevrolet caprice

Rick said, “Somebody told me this car was my wedding gift!” I wish he wasn’t kidding.. That thing was fine, and he looked good in it! Amirite, Anna!?

groom sitting in antique Chevrolet Caprice at the Jackson Pearl
reception introduction at the Jackson Pearl Wedding
decorative bridal bicycle covered in lace
wedding officiant signing marriage license
Bride and Groom feeding each other wedding cake

I quickly grabbed a delicious bowl of chicken alfredo from Scranton’s Catering, while the chairs were rearranged, and the dancing commenced! 

Let me stop right here and say this: Rick and Anna’s live band was PHENOMINAL! Oh, my goodness gracious. Lamont Landers, from America’s Got Talent, with Lamont Landers Band rocked that house, from top to bottom. There were several times I wanted to put my gear down and get on a mic with him. They were grooving, and everybody was feeling it, including me! I know they needed breaks here and there, but I selfishly anticipated their break being over so they could get back to our unforgettable entertainment… 

vocalist Lamont Landers performing live at wedding reception
bass player of Lamont Landers Band playing bass
Keyboard player from Lamont Landers Band playing the keys
Lamont Landers Band drummer playing at wedding reception
bride and groom first dance at The Jackson Pearl
wedding reception enjoying scranton's catering
girls dancing to live band at wedding reception
guests dancing to live band at wedding reception
guests dancing to live band at Jackson Pearl Wedding
bridesmaid and husband dancing at wedding reception
wedding guests take selfie on dance floor at reception
group picture of bride's friends at reception
wedding guests enjoying the bar outside
guests enjoying the reception outside the Jackson Pearl
wedding guests enjoying outdoor bar area at Jackson Pearl
wedding guests on dance floor at reception
couple on dance floor at The Jackson Pearl
Bride and Groom dancing to Lamont Landers Band

When I say their wedding guests had no problem getting dowwwwn on the dance floor, I mean it!

guests on dance floor at The Jackson Pearl reception
Bride dancing at the Jackson Pearl Wedding reception

Our couple, along with their guests, danced the night away at this Jackson Pearl Wedding. As the evening came to a close, we gathered outside to send them off in the Caprice. They enthusiastically waved goodbye, as Mr. and Mrs. Allen! 

bride and groom grand exit from reception
newlyweds driving off in antique Chevrolet Caprice

That’s not the end though. Literally, 20 minutes later, they sent me a personalized video! They thanked me for my hard work in making their day special, and that they loved me. I cried. These are the couples that I live for. Whether it’s a personalized video, a handwritten thank you note in the mail, or a 5-star review, these things are proof that I am doing what I was made for. It is an incredible honor for me to love on my couples and document one of the biggest, most important days of their lives. I will never take it for granted! 

Congratulations, Rick and Anna, on the very first wedding at the House of the Jackson Pearl!

Jackson Pearl Wedding Vendors:

Preparation Venue:
Ceremony/Reception Venue:
Photographer: Jessie Newton Photography
Live Band:
Wedding Dress: James and B Bridal House
Groom’s Attire: ASOS
Invitations: Carlson Craft, Inc. and Action Printing Center
Wedding Planner/Decorator/Florist: Kim Arnold
Hair: Paige Burlison
Make up: Kaelah Carew Makeup Artist
Wedding Cake: The Cake Designer LLC
Rentals: ACE Party Rentals

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