the wedding experience

Step one: Let's chat!

Step two: Let's calculate!

Step three: Engagements/bridals

Step four: wedding day timeline design

Step five: the big day!

Nothing brings me greater joy than to photograph the laughter between you and your squad, tight hugs with your loved ones, and SO much dancing; it gets me all in my feels. I'd love to go on this journey with you, and be your best Mississippi Wedding Photographer!
Here's how it goes:

Once we have connected, and you've decided I'm the one, let's discuss which package best suits your needs. Depending on what all you want documented, we can determine how much coverage you want.

From my experience, I have figured out approximately how much time it takes to document such a monumental day in a meaningful, story-telling way. So, let's crunch some numbers!

You can choose from one of my five collections, or we can customize one using the A La Carte hours and adornments!

Okay. Let's be real. Choosing your wedding photographer is a HUGE deal. I mean, kinda like picking out your wedding shoes! You know the look you're going for, but the fit has to be comfortable, amiright?!

I want you to feel comfortable with me, especially since being in front of the camera can feel weird sometimes.

Tell me your wedding vision. I want to know your goals for your best day yet. Whether it's over coffee or ice cream, let's meet up!

By this time, we have finalized your Wedding Investment Collection, and can begin the fun part-scheduling engagements and/or bridals!

We can create a mood board on Pinterest, and bounce ideas off of each other to get the vibe you are going for. Whether you want to stay close to home, or take a mini road trip to somewhere like New Orleans, I am down for an epic engagement or bridal shoot!

Once these images are curated and delivered via an online gallery through Pixieset, you can download them immediately from your email!

Leave the timeline detail planning to me, and relax! You will receive a questionnaire from me through email, and once that has been completed, I will have all the details needed to create your wedding day timeline!

I will email you the tentative schedule for your review, to make any necessary adjustments. We can utilize this schedule to keep us on track, ensuring that nothing is missed! Please feel free to share this with your wedding planner, coordinator, maid of honor, etc. 

Then..... IT'S GO TIME.

Hopefully, the only thing you need to do on the Wedding day, is show up and have fun!

Surrounded by all of your favorite people, you get to live out your best day yet. Leave the hard work to all of your wedding vendors, and kick back and relax. You've got this!

Promising your future to your best friend is such an intimate thing. Take time throughout the day to soak it all in. Before you know it, the clock will strike midnight, and the day you planned for so passionately will come to an end. Time to look forward to your gallery of images, displaying your steadfast love for one another.

The finale:

Once I have returned home from the wedding, I immediately transfer your images to an external hard-drive for safe keeping, while also keeping them on my memory cards (can't be too careful!)

As I begin culling your images, I choose only the best of the best. I discard any images that are duplicates, and/or unflattering images, and begin editing just my favorites!

Once I have put the finishing touches on your unforgettable photographs, I begin uploading and designing your online gallery, just like with your engagements and/or bridals. This is the place where you will download them from, and order prints, if you'd like!

After the online gallery is complete, you will receive an email present... YAY! Click the link, enter your email, and enjoy. The online gallery won't be available forever, so be sure to download!

Listen to me. I want your gallery to make you proud. Proud of your relationship, your loved ones, and YOU! These images represent so much. They deserve to be documented, printed, and hung on the wall. Trust me. Congratulations!




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